Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It's the Red Shoes, they can't stop dancing

This week's British Vogue brought news of Vivienne Westwood's campaign to help with the rebranding the English National Ballet. 

As an avid fan of both Ballet and Vivienne's work, this news is more than just a little bit exciting.

I can't seem to shake the image of Kate Bush in the 'The Red Shoes' video.

Throw in Kate to the equation and I would die happy!

The rebrand features a new logo, new production imagery and a new website, as the ENB strives to champion ballet as a historic art form, while making it contemporary, accessible and relevant. Westwood was chosen as the first of many collaborators to emphasise a "non-conventional but classical image". The campaign - which a Westwood spokesperson described as "a perfect collaboration of English tradition" - was formulated with the help of creative agency The Beautiful Meme.

"It is about taking dancers out of tutus and moving away from conventional backstage images to show the intensity and creativity of the dancers," said The Beautiful Meme creative director Tom Sharp. "The Company's directive is to respect the tradition of ballet but build on it, and our copylines are designed to reflect but challenge a perceived view of the art form. Tamara Rojo inspires unusual collaborations so to create a campaign that combines choreography, amazing fashion and beautiful photography demonstrates her ethos in every single image."

The perfect collaboration!

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