Sunday, 15 January 2012

Turn on the bright lights.

Yesterday was lovely. I popped into London to meet up with some of my best friends and celebrate the recent work of one of my girls, Zena May Hendrick. 

Zena is a talented London based maker and can turn her hand at pretty much everything. Her current specialty is prop/costume/window design and has just finished assisting Lou Blackshaw in the creation of the 'Tom Lipop, Menswear Designer' window in Selfridges for the 'Bright Young Things' show case.

The window display shows a ghostly masked motorcyclist being chased by a Hare and Wolf all carrying Tom's Stunning bags. The window's design and detail is incredible.  All the pieces featured are made of paper.

Tom, Lou and Zena working through the night in the Selfridges window.

I love the detail in the paper brogues.

Here is Tom's website. Absolute genius!

Definitely worth a visit.

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