Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Postcards from Italy.

Anyone who know the Boy and I understand our connection with Italy. We had a 'slightly' dramatic situation 5 years ago while staying in Ranciano, Umbria near Perugia, Tuscany. I'll spare the details but it resulted in neurological surgery and camping out by his bedside for a few weeks in 'Ospedale Santa Maria Della Misericordia' while he recovered from his ordeal and began walking, talking and living again. So you can say that we're pretty attached to the place.

We go back as often as we can to visit the places and people who helped make the life changing experience a little easier with their incredible hospitality and genuine friendship.

We will move there eventually. 

Here are a few of the hundreds of photographs I have taken on the many times we have returned:


I love clock design. This is possibly the greatest clock in the world. Florence station.

Village Cats on the Balcony. The In-law's house. Ranciano.

Hotel Victoria, Pisa.

Hotel Victoria's night service phone in the entrance hall. This was exactly how I found it. 

Milano Central.

Lovers write their initials on pad locks and lock them to the railings of the statue in the centre of the Pontevecchio (Old Bridge) Florence. I'm guessing that the keys are in the river.


6am car window icicles. December 05. Umbria.

Slow shutter speed shot of the carousel at sundown in the main square, Perugia 05.

Rosaries around the statue in the waiting room.  I became well acquainted with this little lady.

Golden Lady in the square, Assisi.

The ramshackle house that we found whilst walking through the villages in the middle of nowhere. Umbria.

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