Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Spears and Arrows.

Hello Seashells.

I haven't posted for a wee while. I've been pretty busy in the workshop. I have some really exciting projects and exhibitions that I have been working on and all will be revealed in good time.

Here is a sneaky peek of some of the new designs I've been working on.

Vintage China Teacup Stacking Bangles:

Vintage Willow Spearhead/Arrow Pendants:


  1. Wow! The teacup stacking bangles are beautiful! And I really love the spearheads. Where might I be able to buy one? xo

  2. Thank you Leonie.

    I have just added a link at the top of the blog that should direct you straight through to my Etsy Shop. I have a new batch of spearheads that will be listed in the next few days. They are my best yet! x

  3. Thanks! I'll go check it out now! x