Thursday, 20 January 2011

Too many books?

The time has come in our new home to create a decorative but functional space for all of our books. I have been trawling through magazine after magazine to find any kind of (affordable) inspiration.
My main fear is that I will buckle under the strain to find a solution fast and end up settling for a mediocre, run of the mill, Ikea-esque bookshelf.

Then I found this genius creation. Bookshelf stairs/Bookshelf ladder:

I'm afraid I didn't stop at the stairs, there could be nothing better than literature and furniture design combined!
(Moormann Library Chair from Interior Magazine)

I also couldn't resist sharing these affordable book inspired beauties:
(The three items below are all from the beautiful Etsy shop belonging to 'TheBlackSpotBooks'/Necklace also available at Anthropologie)

Antique leather and vintage photograph notebooks/journals

Stunning Antique Black leather journal

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